Frequently Asked Questions

Is 4C Supremelaw International, the right law firm for me? / Why should I trust your firm with my case?
Yes, we can say with full confidence that you are in right place and in right hand. On the basis of our past track record of last 29 years, we can say that you have made a right choice. Choosing the right firm and attorneys to represent you could make the difference for your case. 4C Supremelaw International, is a boutique law firm with dedicated trial attorneys with over 40 years of combined experience. Being a leading boutique law firm, we are able to dedicate the appropriate resources and time to manage your case.
We are the only Law Firm of India dealing in almost all kinds of litigation both in India and outside India, having ground zero experience of handling the matter from police to district courts. My long and varied experiences of working in media, real estate, multinationals, political parties, government and diplomacy, NGO, before switching to full time legal practice, equips better to deal with your case. Being a successful entrepreneur, we exactly know, where, “shoe pinches”. We have represented professionals from. IAS, IPS, paramilitary and media. We offer litigation, & Consultancy services in civil, criminal, business and family laws. We also offer consultancy for media, aviation, real Estate, FMCG, education, film, visa, permanent residency, PR and Immigration, foreign education & investment. Our areas of practice include employment and labour law, Intellectual Property/Technology Transactions, and Non Resident Indians,( NRIs) etc. Please see WE OFFER.
4C Supremelaw International, formerly known as 4C Law Partners, was founded in 1990, at Allahabad and has taken up cases in Jammu, UP, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Delhi and brings in combined experience of over 40 years of senior lawyers from Supreme Court to High Court and District Courts. Since its inception it has maintained an unwavering commitment to trying cases and/or brokering favourable settlement agreements for its clients.
Our business hours are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday. However, please feel free to call or email us after office hours. We are committed to return our client’s and potential client’s calls and emails within 24 hours or less. However, we are open for our clients 24x7.
Our advice is absolutely free and comes without any obligation. So is our first consultation. We want to ensure that our clients are well informed about their legal rights. Therefore, we offer free consultations to our clients and potential clients.
We are committed to providing you with the most cost-effective legal representation. We can arrange hourly, contingency, and flat fee agreements. We can also work on retainership basis for clients having regular advisory, consultancy or litigation needs.
You can call my number or email us at, or reach us via our aap or messenger ……… with any questions in regards to your case or on any other matter. We are committed to returning all calls and emails/messages within 24 hours.
You can expect to have experienced trial attorneys at your disposal. Attorneys whom both prior clients and other lawyers are willing to refer due to their knowledge and unique legal strengths. We are known for our ability to effectively advocate difficult and complex cases, and our desire to work cooperatively and ethically to attain favourable results for our clients.
The word international means our services are also available outside India. We do take up cases both litigation and advisory even abroad, especially, in countries like, UAE, Oman, China, Nepal, Canada, US, UK and Afghanistan etc. It ranges from pure advisory to litigation in varies areas, like investment, real estate, education, visa, immigration, PR, NRIs legal issues, Company formation, Honeymoon marriages etc.
As we have said, we are the only law firm to discourage litigation, guided by the philosophy of famous US lawyer, Abraham Lincoln. We prefer pro-active precautionary litigation. Our guiding principle in practise of law is, “act before law acts on you”. We work with our clients on day to day basis, since the formation of company and ensure that, law is followed in its letter and spirit, in order to avoid any unwanted litigation later.

We highly recommend, ‘come to us before law comes to you’. We also take credit of solving many criminal cases at investigation stage itself and saving our clients from going to jail. We can claim a success rate of over 90 per cent, when it comes to successfully solving the case.
Yes, it helps and helps tremendously. No, it’s not wastes of money rather it is safe investment, as it helps you in growing your business, attracting investment in your set-up, taking IPO route and above all saving your firm and your reputation in the time of any crisis. Following this philosophy, we were able to save a PSU head, a Corporate Honcho, a School Owner and a Principle from going to jail in sexual harassment case. We feel, being an individual or SMEs, you are more vulnerable to law, in comparison to big net worth individuals and mighty corporation, who have ample resources to deal with legal matters.
No, the ethics does not permit us to do so. However, in short, we can claim to have worked with leading companies of India, multinational giants and top politicians and businessmen from India as well as abroad. Our clients come from diverse fields, real estate to aviation, NBFC, media, hotels, embassies and govt.