Media Laws in India

Regularizing and Legal Recognition of Media Laws

There are several laws which are applicable in the topic of Media Laws. Some of them are:

Press Council Act 1978 – to uphold and improve the conditions of newspaper and news agencies in India, a body by the name of Press Council was established as per this Act.

Delivery of Books and Newspaper (Public Libraries) Act 1954 – publishers of newspapers and books were required to deliver free of charge a copy of every book to the National Library at Calcutta and one copy each to three other libraries specified by the Central Government.

The Newspaper (Prices and Pages) Act 1956- which was held incorrect by the case of Sakal Papers v. Union of India Laws related to Intellectual Property Code of Conduct of the News Broadcaster Association

Cine Workers and Cinema Theatre Workers (Regulation of Employment) Act 1981 – this legislation provided protection to the employees in the industry by the imposition of certain obligations on motion picture producers and theatre owners.