Are you ready?

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Corona has brought to fore, one thing that if anything which is certain in life is its uncertainty.
Corona or no Corona, one thing which is absolutely true about life is that it is going to remain uncertain.

So are you ready to address this ? Let's see.

Who is going to be responsible for your property after you?
If children are minor, how to protect them?
How to avoid fights in family for property after death ?
Do you have Will? If not write it today.
Can your wife/children sale the house for your treatment?
Can hires withdraw money from your bank for your treatment if you are in comma ?
Who can take a decision on withdrawing your life support if one is not responding to treatment?
Can Son in Law ask for division in property?
Will society transfer the ownership of your house to your wife automatically?

Does this is scary ? Address it now before it is too late.